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Highlights of the Dead Money Open:

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The Feb 15-16th event L.i.s.t.e.n. Inc Monster Stack in Grand Forks ND generated a monster prize pool over $25,000. Cody Slusher from Oakes, ND was the big winner and secured himself a seat in the Tournament of Champions, and also climbed to 2nd place on the P.O.Y. standings. Current leader Erich Johnson also made the final table in this event to increase his lead for Player of the Year. The Dakota Poker Tour player of the year will receive a WSOP $1500 prize package, and all of the Dakota Poker Tour season X Tournament Champions will compete for another $1500 WSOP seat. We are headed into the heart of the season with big events on tap, so it is definitely anyone's race to win. 1st Cody Slusher, Oakes ND $7200 2nd Randy Hjelmstad, Grand Forks ND $4700 3rd Brandon Schmidt, Fargo ND $3100 4th Gary Ewald, Audubon MN $$2300 5th Ryan Blanford, Ponsford MN $1600 6th Mark Dufner, Crookston MN $1300 7th Casey Olson, Jamestown ND $1100 8th Erich Johnson, Felton MN $900 9th Robert (Bob) Sylskar, Mayville ND $700 10th Tony Uhlir, Grand Forks ND $500 11th Douglas Skadberg, New Rockford ND $500 12th Brian Breidenbach, E.Grand Forks MN $500 13th James Odegaard, Fargo ND $400 14th Larry Solem, Oslo MN $400 15th Kenneth Hunter,Sunnyside Canada$400