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Highlights of the Dead Money Open:

Watch Dead Money Open - Jan 25, 2020 from dakotapokertour on www.twitch.tv

Josh Dahlstrom is on fire taking a first place finish at Gastropub's February Freezeout earning $5200. Josh is continuing to build an impressive resume, and joining the list of season X champions! With the DPT prize pools reaching over 20k its anyone's race for player of the year.

Erich Johnson currently holds the lead for player of the year, but with Brandon Schmidts 5th place finish he is up to 4th place on the leader board standings. Marilyn Ragan's was the chip leader going into day 2, She stayed within the top 3 stacks throughout day 2 and then finished in 3rd place earning herself a top 20 place on the leader board. Keep your eye on Marilyn, she is 3 for 3 on the final table in events she has played.

  1. Josh Dahlstrom West Fargo ND $5200
  2. Cody Griffin Moorhead MN $3900
  3. Marilyn Ragan Fergus Falls MN $2800
  4. Mark Rickert Dilworth MN $1900
  5. Brandon Schmidt Fargo ND $1400
  6. Nathan Kiefert West Fargo $1200
  7. Mike Driscoll Lake Park MN $950
  8. Joshua Mueller Fargo ND $800
  9. Sudipta Das West Fargo ND $620
  10. Jared Quast Fargo ND $450
  11. Erich Johnson Felton MN $450
  12. Jeremy Holmes West Fargo $450