Survivor tournaments are new to DPT. Let's take a minute to explain how they work. 

A survivor tournament is an event where a player must simply survive a predetermined time limit. Example a $50 buy in gets you 4000 in chips. (table price can vary but we will use this as an example). The blinds start at 100/100 for the first hour. 100/200 for the second hour. You simple play for 2 hours and at the end of the 2 hours you will get $1 for every 100 in chips you have. Its that simple. You can rebuy if your below 20% of your starting stack. This is limited to $300 in any one tournament. Play will start when we have 5 player but players can be added for the first 15 minutes to a max of 10 players. After the first hour, no rebuys are allowed, but you can join a new tournament at a different table as they form. Its that simple, and DPT will run them at different entry fees to make them affordable to all bankrolls. It is a great option for new players to get their feet wet in an affordable way. These tournament will be available at many DPT events moving forward. So even if you can't play the main tournament of a weekend stop by and give them a try at any of our upcoming events.