Martin Short from Grand Forks is Monster Stack Champion

Jan 24, 2022 8:13 AM

Martin Short and Mark Dufner had a hard fought headsup battle with Martin coming out on top, earning the Title and $7,750 cash, becoming the latest Monster Stack Champion since Cody Slusher took down the same event 2 years ago.

The tournament features a stacked field of 122 unique players and a prize pool just shy of $30k, despite the poor weather weekend and stricter border controls in Canada due to the latest Covid spike. The tournament ran smooth, and we ended up with three (3) separate live stream segments of the Feature Table, including action from Day 1 & 2. Visit for replays. 

Congrats to the 15 players who cashed in this event and we'll look forward to seeing everyone for a return at the Dead Money Open at the M&J Saloon on Saturday, February 12th (1-day format). Can win buy-in on Friday's single table satellite night, or throughout the week at the Free Poker Network League nights around Fargo.