Three (3) $1,500 World Series Package Awards:

  • Player of the Year
  • Tournament of Champions
  • Player Appreciation Freeroll

Player of the Year

Based on total points accumulation for Season X - June 2019 thru Sept 2021

Points = Buy-ins (standard/initial buy-in only) + Cashes [Leaderboard]

TOC is an invite to season champs to compete for Tournament of Champions prizeĀ 

  • Rob Urbatsch - Southgate Champ
  • Chase Foseen - Yosemite Sam Reload Open
  • Justin Smith - Speedway Champ
  • Jerrod Strode - Eagle Eye Champ
  • Jeff Gab - Phat Stacks Dickinson Champ
  • Dustin Kinney - Pour Decisions Champ
  • Brandon Dosch - Buffalo City Showdown #2 Champ
  • Jamie Meidinger - Buffalo City Showdown #1 Champ
  • Josh Dahlstrom - February Freezeout Gastropub
  • Cody Slusher - L.I.S.T.E.N. INC Monster Stack
  • Mat Jensen - Dead Money Champion
  • Dave Oullette - Southeart Shootout Champion
  • Brandon Dosch - Eagle Eye Valley City Champion
  • Eric Johnson - Poker Brat Fall Classic Champion
  • Jarod Quast - Hillsboro Vets Club Champion
  • Todd Harfield - Hooligan's Champion
  • Jacob Retterath - Hillsboro Vets Club Champion
  • Ben Armbrust - Wahpeton VFW Blue Goose Champion

Player Appreciation Freeroll: Open to points qualifiers (qualification level to be announced)

The TOC and Player Appreciation Freeroll tournament dates will be announced soon

Rules: Player Appreciation Freeroll is open to ALL DPT players who played at least one event in Season X. Starting chip stack bonuses will be tiered to 3 levels according to point scale groupings, to be announced soon