Congratulations Daniel Patel

Oct 15, 2023 10:45 PM

Congratulations Daniel Patel your Poker Brat Champion taking home $3100 and 4 bounty’s. 

In second place Devon Wheeler took home the most bounty’s 13 and $2000 for second!!! In his first ever live tournament. 

Thank you to everyone that came out today to support the Dakota Poker Tour. 

1st $3100 - Daniel Patel - Fargo ND
2nd $2000-  Devon Wheeler - Bismarck ND
3rd $1500- Daniel Tennefos - Fargo ND
4th $1100 -Brad Pausch -Whapeton ND
5th $970 Erik Kimble - Moorhead MN 
6th $750 Wade Hendrickson Cando ND 
7th $600 Eric Beem - Gwinner ND 
8th $550 Jayson Zefra West Fargo ND 
9th $500 Craig Thompson west Fargo