Phat Stacks Champion Myron Zastoupil

Feb 25, 2024 11:45 PM

“Phat Stacks At The Phat Fish” WINNER $7,010 Myron Zastoupil

Back to back monster turnouts for this DPT/RPT co-op weekend, Sunday in Dickinson saw 127 unique players at the Phat Fish, as first time RPT champion Myron Zastoupil defeats Tim Rice heads up in a thriller!

127 entries $29,495 prize pool

1st Myron Zastoupil $7,010

2nd Tim Rice $5,000

3rd Merrill Pearcy $3,775

4th Bill Hocker $2,700

5th Scott Lafond $1,900

6th Kostner Benz-Weber $1,500

7th Andy Schmidt $1,200

8th John Wendlick $1,000

9th Mike Schneider $800

10th Tom Dallman $710

11th Jayden Munyer $710

12th Kyle Ryder $710

13th Randall Ulmer $620

14th Christopher Kissel $620

15th Joe Kessel $620

16th Felipe Nunez $620