Pour Decisions Champion Cole McFarlane $3400

Mar 09, 2024 11:14 PM

Champion Cole McFarlane takes home $3400 in his first ever tournament. Cole plays cash, but had said this was his tournament. Cole defeated 44 players today securing his seat in the Tournament of Champions and is now in the race for player of the year!  Thank you everyone who came out and participated today at Pour Decisions  in Tioga we appreciate you! 

1st Cole McFarlane Williston $3400
2nd Allen Laurel Williston $2160
3rd Stewart Cook Williston $1620
4th Lorry Sirios Williston $1150
5th Michael McElroy Williston $920
6th Rory Koch Williston $780
7th William Sjoberg Crosby $630
8th Abraham Salinas Stanley $490
9th Randy Landsverk Crosby $370